Participants Phase 2 
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FEZ_5004_1_T.jpgRound 1, Phase 2
Studio Giorgio Ciarallo, Rho/Italy in collaboration with Emiliano Bugatti, Istanbul/Turkey and Cabinet Hadmi
Safi, Morocco
FEZ_5002_1_T.jpgRound 1, Phase 2
Arquivio Arquitectura, Madrid/Spain in collaboration with Taoufik El Oufir Architectes
Rabat , Morocco
FEZ_5005_1_T.jpgRound 1, Phase 2
hanse unit, Hamburg/Germany in association in collaboration with Zine El Abidine Lasouini
Fez, Morocco
FEZ_5006_1_T.jpgRound 1, Phase 2
kolb hader architekten, Vienna/Austria in collaboration with Kubik Studio
Meknes, Morocco
FEZ_5007_1_T.jpgRound 2, Phase 2
Bureau E.A.S.T., Los Angeles/USA and Fez/Morocco in collaboration with Atelier3AM,Toronto/Canada and Hashim Sarkis Studio
Beirut, Lebanon